Animal Jam requests that Jammer's are kind and respectful, but also have fun learning and playing with animals! I'd just like to go over the rules, so Jammer's can also see the rules to this wiki, too, and not just on the game itself. Edit

Play Nice! Edit

You don't like it when people are mean to you, so don't be mean to others.


Use kind words! Edit

Animal Jam does not tolerate any bullying, inappropriate, hateful or bad language.


Do not engage in unsafe or inappropriate gameplay! Edit

Animal Jam does not tolerate activities involving inappropriate relationships and themed parties. Unsafe gameplay also involves incorrectly using the trading and gifting systems, which may result in the loss of items. AJHQ will not return any items lost as result of scamming or unsafe gameplay.


Do not ask for or give personal info to others! Edit

This can mean your full name, phone number, home address, email address, school name, or your username and password to Animal Jam or any other site.

Redemption codes that award Animal Jam memberships also count as personal info and should NOT be shared in-game.

Please note that the only way someone can sign into your account is if they know your password, and AJHQ will not replace any in-game items that have been traded, gifted, or recycled as a result of unsafe gameplay.


Cheaters never prosper! Edit

This includes scamming players for gems or not being honest in a trade. And using cheat codes or any other additional program other than what Animal Jam provides could break our game and ruin everyone's fun.


Report and log off! Edit

If someone makes you feel bad or uncomfortable, you have the right to report them. There are in-game tools to help you block and report troublesome players. And be sure to tell your mom, dad, or a trusted grown up. Remember: it is OK to protect yourself!