Animals are the avatars that represent Jammers in Animal Jam. There are a variety of animals for both members and non-members. Every Jammer can create and store multiple animal avatars and then switch between them. Non-members can only store two animals but Jammers with a Membership can store one thousand animals at once.



An example of the old Choose an Animal screen

New animal avatars can be purchased through the Switch Animals menu by clicking on the "Add Animal" button where an empty slot is available. When creating an animal, Jammers must choose a name that consists of three parts, and this name will stay with the animal forever. Some animals cost Diamonds to create the first time, but after that they cost only 1,000 Gems.


Jammers can also recycle existing animals in storage by clicking the recycle symbol in the Switch Animals menu and then clicking on the animal to recycle. Recycled animals will return 500 Gems to the Jammer. When an exclusive animal (such as one purchased with Diamonds or obtained through a promotional offer) is recycled, a new animal of that type can still be created at a price of 1,000 Gems; however, an animal cannot be recreated if it is currently listed as "Exploring", "Endangered", or is otherwise made unavailable.


Every animal can be customized through the Change Your Look menu. Animals have a primary color and a secondary color as well as a variety of eye shapes and Patterns to choose from. Each of the four customization options includes a palette of fifty colors to make the animal unique.


Beyond changing the animal itself, Jammers can also customize their animals by adding clothing accessories. Land and flying animals can wear five pieces of clothing for their head, neck, body, legs, and tail. However, ocean animals can only wear four pieces of clothing, as they do not have tail-type accessories. All clothing is either for use in land areas or ocean areas, and they are not interchangeable.

Animal TypesEdit

There are four main types of animals: land, ocean, amphibious, and flying. Land animals were the first type to be introduced and were initially the only type available in the game; they can only be used in areas that are predominantly land. Ocean animals were first introduced in September 2011; they can only be used in the submerged ocean areas. Amphibious animals, also referred to as land-and-ocean animals, have the ability to be used in both land areas and ocean areas. Flying animals were first introduced in February 2014; like land animals, they can only be used in the land areas, but flying animals appear above all the other land animals.



The Adventure Level Toggle for Nametags

Every animal has an Adventure Level that is increased by collecting Courage Points while playing the Adventures. An animal's level determines how many hearts it has in the Adventures. If a player has not finished the Training Grounds tutorial, all of their animals will be at level 0. Once the tutorial is completed, all current and future animals will start at level 1. The Adventure Level is visible on the far left side of Nametags while in the Adventures or one of the staging areas such as the Adventure Base Camp. Outside of these areas, it can be turned on or off through the Change Your Look menu, but this feature is for members only.

List of AnimalsEdit

  • A majority of the animals are restricted to players with a Membership and they cost Diamonds.
  • The very first land animals were the Tiger, Wolf, Bunny, Koala, Panda, and Monkey.
  • Although it was released in January 2011 before the ocean areas were available, the first amphibious animal was the Seal.
  • The first ocean animals were the Shark and the Dolphin.
  • The first flying animal was the Eagle.
  • Due to a variety of glitches, it is possible to take an ocean animal into a land area; however, they will appear invisible when doing so. Similar glitches also allow Jammers to take a land animal into the oceans, but they often appear frozen in place or invisible.
  • While changing animals, many actions will be unavailable, such as traveling to a different area.
  • Many non-Diamond Shop animals had their artwork redesigned in the Choose an Animal menu as of March 30, 2017.
  • Some animals have special effects that appear around them and are released for a limited time only like the Spring Bunny and the Snowflake Arctic Wold.
  • There is a glitch when purchasing an animal with Gems. If the player does not have enough Gems and clicks on the "Earn Gems" button to play Games until they do have enough Gems, when they exit the games the purchase screen will still say they do not have enough Gems.